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Free Introductory Friends Gift

A floating key chain is always a necessity whether it is for your fishing boat, ski boat, canoe, or kayak.  We all have keys that we don't want to loose while we are enjoying quality time on the water. With this introductory gift you are reminded of all the great work your membership dollars are making to help clean up Lake Mitchell and the Firesteel Creek Watershed.

Semi-Annual News Letters

2 times a year, Friends of the Firesteel will be sending out printed newsletters to all of its members.  This is a great way to stay on top of recent updates on the progress of fundraising, lake dredging design, marina design, time frames, and all the many other important topics that we know you care so deeply about.  If you don't like emails, this is a great way to stay engaged with all the progress.

Monthly Lake Project Progress Emails

As progress and updates are made, keep informed with emails on a monthly basis of news paper articles, findings by scientists, designs from engineers and much more.  This is our way to share digital material that we would otherwise have a hard time including in a newsletter.  This information will be accessible on our website shortly after its release as well but an email is always nice to get all the links and information at your fingertips.

Coming Soon...
Percentage Discount on Friends of the Firesteel (FOF) Merchandise

Help us accomplish the goal of cleaning up Lake Mitchell while showing off your love for the incredible water asset with Friends of the Firesteel (FOF) apparel and gifts. With your membership you get a 5% discount on any apparel or merchandising purchases you make through this webiste.

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