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Shown here is the spillway dam on the north side of Lake Mitchell that engineers suggest be breached to dredge the lake.

Republic file photo

Engineers suggest multi-million-dollar dredging project for Lake Mitchell, with work spanning four years

With the council recently allocating $665K for the final design to be completed, the city is closer than ever to dredge the lake as a way to improve the water quality for future use.(Mitchell Republic News Article: 03.08.2022)

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Watch the presentation here

(Video time 0:00 thru 31:00)

Mitchell City Council Identifies Key Goals for Future

Among the most notable goals the council identified during the work session meeting were advancing the restoration of Lake Mitchell, improving infrastructure and city facilities, expanding the Corn Palace’s seating and revitalizing downtown Mitchell.
(Mitchell Republic News Article: 03.30.2021)

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Turning Dredged Sediment Into A Winter Wonderland

The idea of using dredged sediment from Lake Mitchell to create a winter sports park is inching closer to becoming a reality. Over the past couple months, a team of landscape architects have been developing the design of a proposed winter sports park that would feature a large hill for snow activities like sledding, tubing and snowboarding, along with all-season hiking and biking trails.
(Mitchell Republic News Article: 03.23.2021)

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